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World Down Syndrome Day observed

Down syndrome people Almost 200 thousand Down syndrome people in the country can be rehabilitated through consciousness and showing love. There are about 7 million people with Down Syndrome (DS) in the world. In every 800 children around the globe, one is born with Down Syndrome. According to this statistics, 2 lac people are there in Bangladesh with Down Syndrome.

These people are neglected but national development is next to impossible without them. Most of the parents do not know how to treat with their children and how to bring them up like a normal human being those who have Down Syndrome, whereas, it is not a disease rather it is a genetic difference in the body and a special state of chromosome.

Children with this syndrome are not dull, rather they are of a different kind. Actually, they are born with a birth complication. They can act and study like other normal children if they are taken care of and given nutrition properly. They also need speech-language and physical therapy. They can be rehabilitated in the society through consciousness and showing love.

Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Hospital (JBFH), AMDA Bangladesh and Cardiff International School Dhaka (CISD) jointly arranged this observation day at CISD auditorium in Dhaka holding the slogan- ‘The role of family to have equal rights in my opportunity, my likings with complete enjoyment’.

The speakers uttered the words mentioned above on the occasion. There were distinguished Laparoscopic surgeon and the Chairman of JBFH Prof. Dr. Sordar A Naim, pain specialist and the Managing Director of JBFH Prof. Dr. Jonaid Shafiq, Convener of Down Syndrome Parents Support Groups of Bangladesh Sordar A Razzak, PHOS of CISD Mr. GM Nizamuddin, Former captain and goalkeeper of Bangladesh national football team Aminul Haque, SUID Bangladesh Dhanmondi Branch President Khairul Bashar, Genarel secretary Md. Mahbubul Monir etc.

Earlier, the Down Syndrome children were prescribed free of cost, a workshop for parents was held, a colorful rally was brought out, cycling and screening of video clips coupled with cultural programme were arranged involving the Down Syndrome children as a part of the day.

The specialist speakers mentioned that in each of the cells of the human body, there are 46 chromosomes. From these; 23 come from father and 23 from mother respectively which form the body cell in pair. The 21st chromosome of a Down syndrome child has an extra chromosome which is called ‘Trisomy 21’. So a Down Syndrome child has 47 chromosomes in each of the cells.

A child with Down Syndrome has a flat face and his chin, neck and eyes are small. His muscles are very weak. For all these reasons his normal growth is slow and he is late in sitting, crawling, speaking and walking.
Prof. Dr. Jonaid Shafiq, as Down syndrome is not a disease, it is incurable.

A doctor can understand whether a baby has this problem by doing ultrasound or testing the blood and having other necessary tests while it is in the womb of its mother. Prof. Dr. Sordar A Naim stated that DS can be controlled by nursing, providing nutritious food and showing sincere care. By applying speech-language and physical therapy, DS child can study, lead a normal life and can be self reliant.

The PHOS of Cardiff International School Mr. G.M. Nizamuddin opined that those who are identified as mentally handicapped, a good number of them are Down Syndrome patients. Many people fail to understand their problems. Parents should be widely aware of it. We can rehabilitate them in the society by making them conscious and showing love to them.

The Executive Director of AMDA, Sordar A Razzak said, his association has been working on DS since many years. He summoned for making mass consciousness.

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