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lose weight by Area: How?

lose weightSlimming and is a topic in the spring and summer is upon us unwittingly having spent a winter as treacherous as everyone. Reducing or anti-cellulite creams should already have on hand, because they help if you are quality.
It is also time to get and put all eggs in one basket to lose those kilos we complexes and well, look great for the warm weather: shorts, plunging necklines, back outside, etc..

In saying this, surely we quickly diets, but we will change the dicurso and talk about losing inches in areas. Those areas where fat accumulates traitor. Since every body is different, reacts differently to save time and a lot of reserves is made diet, slimming is even. For example, there are people who lose kilos and continues to tummy, or fat in the thighs or buttocks. With this article, we propose an intelligent way to lose kilos.

Fat on the hips, buttocks and legs

Fat which accumulates on the bottom of the body is more complicated. It is very noticeable when dieting. You lose the top, but it still has half volume down, and if we get rid of what we want, we were very thin on the face, shoulders and arms.

We can get eradicate, How?

What are the causes of not lower the fat from the hips, buttocks and legs?
Women usually causes hormonal childbearing age store fat in these areas. Another reason could be a slow metabolism.
This trend can be changed by reducing the consumption of fats, meats, whole milk or whole milk, sauces, pastries, ready meals, fried foods, fatty meats, etc.. and increased consumption of vegetables, legumes, fruits, low fat and balance your diet. This should be like this forever.
‘As for meals, you must make 5 meals a day. You’ll activate your metabolism and burn more fat. At breakfast is the meal that our body metabolizes faster, because it is the starting energy, but as the day goes trascurriendo, spending decreases, so ignores the Divide snacks mid-afternoon.

If you also have a tendency to accumulate fat in the lowlands, have constipation, our problem will worsen as toxins and fluids accumulate in areas just do not want. We can fight this with fiber, lots of fiber and lots of water. They are the only components that are satisfying diet without gaining weight. Ideally, fasting and drinking a glass of water before bed, drink another. Instead of water, fasting can take a tea, or tea and if you have poor circulation, some citrus juice and a tea night digestive or relaxing.
You should drink at least two liters of water / fluids a day: water, teas, homemade juices, defatted broth, soups.
Presume on the fiber. You can fill our stomach, constipation and helps take away a lot in the absorption of fat in the digestive system. To eat fiber nothing better than eating five pieces of fruit a day plus vegetables, legumes (when you eat legumes, which is unique lato).
Do sports. The bike, spinning, steps, aerobics, etc.. are raising exercises muscles well defined buttocks and thighs lines. Squats are also good.

Salt is not your best ally. Makes you retain water in the body. Avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol, preserves, charcuterie, smoked, precooked, etc..
Wash the food and dinner with 1 or 2 slices of bread about 2 cm thick. At breakfast you can take a bagel with ham, turkey or cheese.
Instead of eating breaded or fried, handle or use grilled or steamed. The calories from your plate is halved.

Two. – Fat stored in the belly, chest and arms.

If you’ll notice that problem, because if you can not get fat close-shirts, while the pants just tightened a little more. Your waist disappears, climb bra size and even face you fat. The good thing about this form of fat is that it is easier to lose fat than it collects in the hips.

What are the causes of waist fatten up?
According to experts, 30% of the fat that accumulates there because we have inherited as well. But 70% do not, so that we can undo 70% easily with a balanced diet and some exercise.
None of calories fast: sweets, pastries, potatoes, white rice, refined pasta, cornflakes, etc. These foods raise insulin levels causing increased fat storage in the upper parts of our body. To blame the hormone remains quiet, it’s best to eat whole wheat bread, whole grains, brown rice, etc.. These foods can combine well with vegetables and when excess calories come from fat-rich foods, such as sausages, fatty meats, etc.., We will build the back and the waist and abdomen.
Meals should be in accordance with what we said. Full breakfast: a serving of cereal, another fat dairy or soy milk and fruit. Something that can help is a contribution of Andean maca is a very powerful hormone balancing. There Andean maca energy combined (Macamix) which is very useful for low-calorie breakfast, a lot of nutrition and very energetic.
Make it your main meal at noon and a light supper avoiding sandwiches, or pasta and rice.
Stress increases the production of cortisol which is a hormone that apart from giving hunger causes fat to accumulate in the belly. You must slow down with soothing teas like chamomile, lime, hawthorn, orange blossom, etc.. Not drink coffee, chocolate or cafeínico type stimulants or energy drinks. Come leisurely.
To burn fat that accumulates at the top, you need cardio at least three times a week. At least for an hour should do much dancing, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.. Other days, try riding a brisk pace. Walking is one of the exercises that burn fat.

Hot spices trick the stomach and curb the appetite get the body to increase calorie burning by 25% for a few hours.
Skipping meals is not right. to digest (even a small handful of prunes, or a piece of fruit), activates the metabolism and burns calories, so the trick is to not skip meals.
Use olive oil is more energetic than butter or cream. In diets do not spend two tablespoons of olive oil a day.
What happens when you eat out?
-It is best that you bring your own food in a “tupperware”, as the menu of restaurants are just how to care about components and nutritional quality. Prepare your food at home after supper. It’s psychological. You will put less quantity. Includes one or two piece of fruit as a snack, that way you will not have the temptation to buy a snack. If you do not have time to prepare food, take a few bars, soups or smoothies they replace a meal. It is a good resource and eat healthier.
If food is a commitment, first choose vegetable dishes or simple salads and sauces or nuts or cheese. The second course asks you to put trim vegetables instead of chips and for dessert, opt for fruit. That way you will avoid a lot of calories. Avoid sauces, stews and battered.

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