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Life-changing Tropical Getaway for Reconnecting with Inner-Self

Working 8-hour-long shifts at a desk can really take a toll on our physical and mental well-being. Therefore, treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind vacation to Tahiti and reconnect with your inner-self. Beautiful beaches, lagoons and many other wonders of nature are waiting for you at this idyllic vacation spot. Since there is so much you have to try out, we have prepared a list of some great activities and places to help you have a relaxing time in Tahiti.

bora bora

Take a dip in the ocean

Nothing takes the edge off your stress like going for a swim in the ocean. Luckily, Tahiti is jam packed with beautiful beaches and water sports programs. Regain your inner-peace as you slowly drift on the waves. Swimming is also considered to be one of the healthiest activities for the heart and lungs. Make sure to check out all the popular beaches like the Black sand Lafayette Beach and the Hilton Moorea Beach. And don’t forget to bring your scuba equipment since there you can participate in countless diving explorations. Additionally, you should try out snorkelling, scuba diving, playing water polo with locals and many more. If you are looking for a perfect resort which offers a great view of the ocean and countless exciting activities, we recommend booking a room at the incredible Le Meridien in Tahiti.

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Bora Bora

Book a trip to this unique place and immerse yourself in a unique and breathtaking culture. You will be able to achieve a new level of calmness inspired by the laughter of fishermen and sailors, the smell of freshly-made coffee in the morning filling the streets, and the sound of ocean waves gently caressing the shores. One of the spots for relaxation that we recommend is the Four Seasons spa resort in Bora Bora. This resort offers a wide range of activities for meditation and unwinding. Trained professionals organize yoga sessions according to their visitor’s level, so you won’t have to feel as an outsider if you are new to it. Make sure to check out the beautiful beaches of Bora Bora and taste some of its delicious cuisine.

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Go hiking

Tahiti is extremely popular among hikers. One of the best hiking trails starts from the capital Papeete. From there, with the help of local guides, you will be able to hike all the way up to the Fautaua Valley and then, if you feel like going for more, you can visit the Diadème (Tiara) mountain. For the more experienced hikers there is also a hiking trail leading to the top of Mount Aorai which can be pretty difficult to complete because some parts of the trail are delicate. A special feature of this route are huts along the way where you can spend a night and enjoy a fresh ocean breeze. But, if your wish is to experience a quick sightseeing tour, then expect to spend at least 3-5 hours hiking.

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Surprise your senses

Vacations are perfect for experiencing something new. Therefore, it is paramount that you treat your taste buds to some new and exciting food. Tahitian restaurants will surprise you with their mix of traditional and modern recipes. The most famous one in Tahiti is the Lotus restaurant. Make sure to ask for advice when deciding what dish to sample first because there are so many options of exotic specialties to choose from. Some of their famous dishes include Po’e, which is a type of fruit pudding wrapped in banana leaves and baked in a fire pit. But if you want to sample something more savoury, you can try one of their traditional dishes, like famous Poisson cru, or in layman’s terms – lime-marinated tuna. If you want to try some of their local beer, we suggest a bottle of chilled Tabu – Tahitian pale lager.  

There is nothing quite like finding a place where you can find a piece of mind. That is why Tahiti is the number one tropical getaway for getting in touch with your inner-self.

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