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Papaya- A Good Fruit


First of all I must confess that this is not my favorite fruit, but we must accept that this tropical fruit native to America has great benefits mainly its digestive properties.

The papaya has extraordinary qualities for digestive problems, prevents constipation, regulates the digestive system and has multiple vitamins and minerals essential for the body. Among the major papaya is essential minerals are sodium, calcium and potasion, also contains vitamins A, B, C and D,
also has fiber that helps remove fat and regulates the entire digestive system. A true Wonder? Too bad your taste .. Well it is not that I like

Its main features are:

relieves pain and inflammation of the stomach.

cure diarrhea and constipation.

eliminates the parasites that are installed in the intestine.

for the smooth functioning of the pancreas and liver.

It is recommended for people suffering from hypertension and anemia.

The papaya is used for internal and external wounds heal gastric ulcers,

Importantly, papaya serves as natural meat tenderizer.

Also used to cleanse infected wounds, and is an excellent natural laxative.

Helps maintain healthy and radiant skin.

Contains natural enzymes that help increase the defense capabilities to your skin, which will be better protected against environmental aggressors like the sun, heat, cold, wind, dust, etc …

Mask for hair (gets life, shine and softness)

Mix your shampoo, eye only the amount you’ll use, with a bit of crushed papaya.
Massage your hair with fingertips
Keep it on for a minute and finish by rinsing with warm water.

Papaya is an exotic fruit native to Africa, Asia and the West Indies has oblong shape, and her skin is green orange.

Has Papaya nutritional therapeutic and cosmetic qualities, contains an enzyme called papain that facilitates the assimilation of proteins, and so is part of several preparations in favor consumption digestion. It is also rich in beta-carotene, and vitamin A, 100 grams of it cover the daily requirement of vitamin C.

This substance is very beneficial for the skin, so it has begun using cosmetic purposes, and it is one of the key ingredients to perform peels, as completely renewed skin naturally.

Its pulp contains a number of substances whose property is to prevent the assimilation of fats in the body.

Natural properties of papaya

Digestive, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic: to combat amgidalitis, pharyngitis, arthritis or gout, and external use on wounds, bruises and bites. Helps digestion and relieves pain and inflammation due to eczima containing papain. Combat constipation.

Prevents cancers: including breast, bladder, colon or cervix, to prevent premature aging, visual degeneration prevention, heart protection, or need more vitamin C intake in smoking or alcoholism.

Eliminates intestinal parasites: Also helps eliminate amoebae that are responsible for many chronic diarrhea as their fresh seeds are rich in a nutrient called Carpasemina.

Papaya makes your tan: thanks to the large number of Retinina (facilitates the action of melanin)
Low in calories and rich in nutrients.

Effect alkalizing the body (ideal for people with acidosis)

Among its benefits are:
* In its nutritional is rich in water, contains vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene, which makes it beneficial for the skin, also has large quantities of fiber helps regulate bowel function. It can be consumed daily, medium papaya provides the amount of vitamin C, the average adult needs daily.

* Contains the most necessary minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium in abundance, As for the vitamins in addition to those already named is rich in vitamin B1, B3, and B6 which help to cleanse toxins of blood.

* To choose it should opt for a firm fruit and sweet-smelling yellow skin, when the fruit is ripe, lose their benefits. The can include in your diet in the form of salads, and ice creams.

* This fruit as we said contain “papain” an enzyme that helps the digestive process and helps fat burning, causing a cleaning effect and slimming.

I hope these tips are very useful

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