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Pinterest’s Top Cocktail Party Food Trends!

Who doesn’t like cocktail parties? They allow you to see people you have not seen in a long time, and get something nice to eat and drink while socializing. For those who are thinking about throwing one themselves, the matter of food may be tricky. While the drinks are not difficult to organize and choose, with food it’s a bit more complicated. It should be something simple, but not too simple, and it should be tasty and look great as well. Sounds tough, doesn’t it? Luckily, Pinterest is filled with useful tips and recipes, and we bring you the most popular ones.


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Various dips

Is there anything easier and more delicious than a nice cheesy dip? For you as a host it’s a real blessing: prepare a couple of bowls of delicious dip and enough of salt crackers or even sliced vegetables for guests who are gluten intolerant or looking to cut the carbs. It can be something hot like smoked mozzarella dip made of four different kinds of cheese and served hot, or you can opt for something a bit more exotic like cranberry-pepper jelly dip served with cream cheese and pretzels. If you know your guests will be hungry and are not afraid of trying out something new, you can prepare a couple of different dips and encourage them to give it a try.


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Intricately carved vegetables

Not only are they beautiful to look at, but incredibly delicious too, and more and more people ask for these kind of edible decoration, as claimed by the professionals in delicious finger food catering from Melbourne. This is especially popular if there are going to be children at the party, or a professional photographer. Children are thrilled to be able to eat something this interesting, parents love the fact that they are eating vegetables, and all this looks incredibly good in photos. Sometimes you guests might hesitate to eat all of your decoration, and that’s perfectly fine in the beginning of your cocktail party, but later on you should let people try them. After all, there is not much you can do with them the following day.

Vegan treats


You probably have friends who are vegetarians or vegans and if you make an effort and prepare something just for them they will really appreciate it. Experiment with tofu and spice it up with some sweet chili or soy sauce, and instead of bread use zucchini and cucumbers. When in doubt – avocado is your friend and everyone will love the idea of healthy vegan alternatives to meat and cheese.  What is more, all those who are on a diet will probably want to give it a try as well.

Sushi rolls


You probably already know that not everyone is fond of sushi and raw fish, but luckily there are wonderful alternatives to traditional sushi dishes – vegan sushi recipes with spicy shiitake mushrooms, or avocado and mango. Instead of using salmon, try simple tuna sushi rolls which are less expensive but equally delicious.

Remember, when you’re throwing a cocktail party no one expects a five-course dinner, but they are probably hoping to try something delicious at the same time. As a host, it is your responsibility to make sure your guests have enough to eat and drink; walk around the room (or your garden if you’re throwing a party outside) to see if there is enough food on the plates and whether anyone needs something. Make sure your guests’ plates and glasses are always full and everyone will surely have a nice time.

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