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For Better Sleep

Better sleep is very necessary for your happy life. In your daily life you feel many problem which is occur by poor sleep. A fresh sleep gives you a fresh mind and a fresh happy day. So you should take some steps for obstruct poor sleep. If you are suffered by sleeplessness there are some useful and effective tips for you.

for better sleep

Walk : Walking is one of the greatest step to remove sleeplessness. So walk as much as you can. At least walk half an hour in a day at once. Try to walk more. And if you are a Muslim you must say prayer. Scientist invent that Namaz is worlds best exercise. Every movement of Namaz is so much essential for health. So be careful.

Use a mind-body technique :Doing a bedtime relaxation exercise, such as the following, can help you fall asleep or get better, deeper sleep. Paced breathing Inhale through your nose for a count of four. Hold for a count of seven. Exhale through your mouth for a count of eight. As you breathe, rest the tip of your tongue on the ridge behind your front teeth. When you exhale, it should create a shooshing sound. Repeat four times.

Mental Muscle Relaxation : Lying down or sitting comfortably, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Starting at the top of your head, notice whether there’s tension in your scalp and forehead. If there is, let it go. Progress all the way down your body, assessing each muscle group and mentally releasing any tension.

Alternatively, work with a therapist who’s been trained in medical hypnosis. Have the therapist do a session focused on deep sleep and record it. Listen to it before you go to bed, and if you wake in the night, listen to it again to fall back to sleep.

Offload stress : If you’re worried about something that you can’t seem to “unplug” from, turn into it, rather than away from it. Get out a journal or your laptop and write. Offloading will often allow your mind to rest.

Diet : Caffeine and sugar are obvious insomnia triggers, but there may be other foods that bother you, so observe your diet and note how well you sleep. Even a small amount of alcohol — a glass of wine — can disrupt your sleep cycles. If you suspect this may be a factor, go a week without alcohol and see if your sleep improves. It doesn’t mean you have to abstain, but knowing the pattern lets you make conscious choices.

Get regular exercise : If your mind is busy all day but your body is not, quality sleep can be hard to come by. The body hasn’t been active enough to want or need to lie down and rest. Exercising for at least a half-hour a day helps set the stage for ample sleep.

Mine your dreams : Once you’re getting enough sleep and reaching deep sleep, try tapping into your dreams. Start by jotting down a few notes in the morning — even if all you can remember is an image, feeling, or thought. Once your unconscious self knows you’re paying attention, it will serve up dreams more regularly and with greater depth. With dreamwork, sleep goes beyond being restorative for health and well-being; it becomes a true opportunity for growth.

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