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Body Image and Self-esteem

Before TV, magazines and movie stars became a daily part of our lives, women were much happier with their bodies. Actually, it is very probable that no one concerned themselves much around their body shape and size. However, the pressure on women to be thin and have the body shape resembling that of a model has never been greater and the situation has become worse with the appearance of Photoshop since a lot of women now want to look like their airbrushed versions.

This has all caused most women and girls to develop a negative body image which causes them to have low self-esteem if their bodies don’t match the portrayed ideal. While this obviously unhealthy trend still has a tight grip on women’s self worth and men’s ruthless and demanding taste for skinny women, there are some things we can do to improve the situation. Here is what you can do to boost your self-esteem if you have a negative body image.

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  • Focus on health

Instead of focusing on looking good, focus on feeling good in your body. We feel good when we are healthy and well balanced emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If you have any self-destructive habits like smoking and drinking and eat a lot of sugar and junk food, drop it. Switch to a healthy balanced diet, preferably alkaline, and start exercising, not to look good, but to be healthier. Take up yoga and meditation to decrease stress and worry and gain a balanced inner state.

  • Get to know yourself

You are much more than your body, you also have your character and social skills, work ethic, emotional, spiritual and creative talents. Get to know yourself, write a list of your qualities, ask people what they like about you if you need help. Recognize what a contribution you are to your community. Identify your likes, dreams and passions. Express your personality and your uniqueness, be you and shine through. We all know it is not about body size but about the person behind it.

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  • Dress up

Take care of your appearance no matter what your body size and shape is. Being unkempt and wearing sloppy clothes can make even the prettiest woman unattractive. Be well groomed, pamper your skin, do your nails and hair, wear make-up, and most importantly, dress well. Find a style that fits you most and expresses your personality well. Let the clothes fit, don’t go overboard with bright colours, make smart combinations and wear accessories and jewelry. This will change how you carry yourself – be a lady.

  • Get professional help

Professionals are more experienced and knowledgeable than us and it is no shame to hire some help. This can be anything from a beautician, a hairstylist, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a health coach, a stylist and even a surgeon. Sometimes we need to resort to cosmetic surgery to relieve heath issues, so having a nose job or a harmless breast reduction procedure done can save us a lot of trouble while improving our physical appearance.

Most importantly, learn how to view yourself as a whole being, not just as your body, and learn how to appreciate yourself. Healthy body is a happy body, so take good care of it and express gratitude for all it does for you. Love it for being an awesome vehicle for your soul.


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