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Keeping Your Pets Healthy and Happy During Winter

Cold days and low temperatures can easily affect the way we feel – and the same is true for our pets, too. Getting lazy is the easiest thing to do during wintertime, however, it is crucial that all of us stay active and healthy. Here are some of the ways to keep your pets happy during winter.


  • Outdoor Walks Are a Must

Many dogs love snow and enjoy going for a walk on a brisk day. However, you have to keep in mind that his paws should be protected, since sidewalks are often treated with salt or other chemicals in order to prevent ice. For that reason, consider using booties or rinsing his paws off as soon as you come inside, so that you prevent irritation. Also, short haired dogs may need a coat when temperatures get low. Some other outdoor activities may be highly beneficial, too. Agility training is one of the options, and navigating a course of obstacles to jump over and run through is something that dogs absolutely love. Or just play snowball fetch.

  • Practice New Tricks Indoors

Some of the simplest tricks, such as “stay” or “sit” can be practiced indoors, which is a great way to keep your dog active and happy. Only 15 minutes of exercises every day will result in good behaviour, plus the fact that you will spend more time with your dog, which is priceless. Just make sure that you are not overdoing it – as long it is fun for both of you, it is fine.


  • Make Mealtime Stimulating

If your pet is not a fan of winter time, you should know that there are many ways to stimulate his body and mind without having to get outdoors. So, stock up on pet supplies and stop offering them food in a regular bowl. Use a feeding toy instead – that will make your dog enjoy his meal even more, since he has to work for it. He will eat much slower that way, too, which will prevent some gastrointestinal conditions. You should also think about their health during winter. Chewable NexGard tablets are used for flea and thick protection, although there aren’t so many fleas at this time, prevention is always a good choice. There are so many tasteful and funny-shaped tablets for your dogs that you can order online.

  • Make Treat Time Fun

Playing a game of hide-and-seek using the treats can be very effective during the winter, since you will be spending much more time indoors. Keep your dog in one room and hide treats in another one. Just make sure that he has seen those – this will ensure you that he realizes what you are doing. Then let him find the hidden goodies. Once he understands the game, you can take it to the next level and hide those to more hidden corners of your home. That quest will make your dog enjoy his treats more than usual.

Making an extra effort to keep your pet happy and healthy during winter is extremely important, because dogs can, similarly to humans, get very lazy as soon as temperatures drop. This can result in gaining weight, which may affect their health and body condition. Follow our tips and you will be sure that you are doing the best for your pet’s overall well-being, which is essential.

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